An Introduction

My name is Melissa.  I am a homeschooling SAHM of 2 great kids. I am married to a wonderful man who serves as Worship Pastor of Life Point Church in Blountville, TN. We have an interesting life. We’ve been blessed with the learning curve of having a child with special needs.  This is our journey through autism, ministry and my ever-growing walk with God’s shaping and molding.  Which has me constantly asking, “Do WHAT, Lord?”

50 Things About Me

1) I love to can my own foods

2) I can knit (sorta) but can’t for the life of me crochet

3) I LOVE to work on cars

4) I have a sarcastic sense of humor

5) I said that I was going to marry Tevis the first time I saw him (And I did 3 years later)

6) I have had 2 children, 1 stillborn and 6 miscarriages 

7) I would LOVE to live off grid

8) I like to write as long as I can keep an organized thought

9) We are a special needs family

10) I would love to adopt at least 2 children.  Preferably with special needs.

11) I was raised on a farm

12) I am a rare woman who likes to get power tools for gifts

13) I cannot style hair to save my life

14) I struggle with my weight

15) I would love to go hunting with my husband (we’ve just never had the chance to yet)

16) I was classically trained on the piano.  Just can’t play very well anymore

17) I’m a singer who was raised in a family of people who sang 😉

18) I like to drive big trucks

19) I would like to drive a rig

20) I do not like tropical locations.  I prefer the mountains and snow.

21) Winter is my favorite season

22) I am the oldest of my siblings

23) I had never been a parent before, until Destiny was born

24) I love muscle cars

25) My favorite flower happens to be a weed that grows on the side of the road and I don’t know the name of.

26) I love mini dachshunds.

27) I am far from the definition of normal

28) I kill cacti 

29) I am a recovering packrat

30) I love cartoons…I am known to watch them without kids.

31) My favorite color is green.

32) I LOVE the Smokie Mountains.

33) I love to work with helping young wives and mothers learn about their God-given role as a help meet.

34) I want to do short-term mission work in South Korea, China, & Taiwan.

35) I have an obsession with canning jars.

36) Special Needs Ministry is a soft spot of mine.

37) I love to cook

38) I love to have a big garden (that actually survives.  Always a perk!)

39) I love to try new foods as long as the texture isn’t too weird

40) My husband is my hero

41) I self-evaluate too much

42) I’m a homebody for the most part, but LOVE to entertain!

43) I really don’t like to shop

44) My favorite eateries are the ones that barely pass health code and everybody knows everybody

45) I write poetry

46) I would love to live at the end of a seasonal road

47) The Appalachian Mountains is our dream place to live (in a cabin)

48) I actually like to mop.  Especially when the floor is all muddy.

49) I love baby goats 

50) I want to live my life according to God’s law and be what he calls me to do.  It’s still a work in progress


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