Do we really need the carpet???

“Hey, Destiny!  What time is it?”

“It’s 2:30!  Why?”

“Great!  We have 2 hours until dad get’s off work!  I’ve got an idea!”

That’s how it happened.  We had talked about it long enough and if we really wanted to battle the sickness that never seemed to leave and the allergies that have now developed, it had to start now.

When we bought our house, it was very outdated.  It had been in an estate and the lady who had owned it was 101 when she died.  It hadn’t been touched in at least 30 years.  We knew we were going to have to work on it (which is something that we love to do).  We also knew that it had hardwood floors throughout…under the 20-year-old carpet.  Thing is, we didn’t know their condition.  So, on that Wednesday afternoon, the earlier mentioned conversation, took place.  And this is what was revealed…


The hardwood was in GREAT shape!  I hollered for the kids and we ripped carpet out; starting in the dining room.  The challenge was to get it out within 2 hours before Tevis got home and we managed to do just that!  He walked in the door, looked at me (while I pryed up tack strips) and said “Today?  You decided to rip it out today?”  Well, of course.  I reminded him that he knew of my spontaneity and how we have been talking about ripping it up.  He chuckled and goes “You’ve never been THIS spontaneous!”  I just laughed.  20 years of being together and you think you know a person…HA!  It’s just my job to keep him on his toes.

Anyway, Home Depot & Lowes were having a paint sale and we took advantage of that.  We decided on a greige color since we have beige in the living room but we wanted to incorporate grey.  Before that could happen, the wallpaper had to come down.  Did I mention that we have plaster walls?  There were some parts that I swear the wallpaper was holding the plaster on, but it had to come down, and walls fixed, if we were going to do this right.


2 hideous layers to scrape through!

Now for the paint!  Oh, how exciting!  I have always loved to watch things transform.  The more drastic the better!  The sad part is that I didn’t get a picture before we started.

Don’t ya just love it!  Just say yes, even if you don’t like grey…ha!  It feels so much warmer.  Before, the carpet, walls and trim were all the same color.  The carpet being gone makes it feel bigger, also.  So, here is our before (only pic I could really find):


And this is what it is now:



We’ve done the living room too.  That will be my next update.  Tevis said he’s ready for a break from painting…the tediousness of the trim is annoying and he’s my detail man.    Especially since we’re using oil paint.  I guess we can take a break.  Until I get another wild hair and decide to rip out the carpet in the bedroom…but I’ll wait till he’s at work.  =)  Be Blessed!


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