Division To Friendship

Division.  The act, process, or an instance of separating or keeping apart.  The condition or an instance of being divided in opinion or interest.

Something that has been on my mind lately is how divided we are as a people.  In the world, our country, our families, and even the church.  What is so wrong with actually TRYING to be friends?  Why do we have to search for the similarities and differences in each other?  Why can’t we just see them for people who God has given us as a gift to love?  There is beauty in everybody if we would just actually look for it.  Let’s attempt to move from division to friendship.  We will all benefit from it.

So, as the song below says, will you take my hand and be friends with me?  =)  Be Blessed!



3 responses to “Division To Friendship

  1. It seems, in my estimation anyway, that divisiveness is popular. I’m the first to admit that I tend to get an “us versus them” mentality when dealing with people on the polar opposite of my political and religious spectrum, but I’m trying really hard to reign that in. It doesn’t solve anything, and it only ends up making me mad. It seems like unity isn’t a popular thing these days, which is troubling….

    • Yeah, and that’s what so disheartening. We’ve lost sight of the heart of others. We’ve stopped serving others and have turned to where it seems that all we do only serves us and our immediate need/want. We are really disconnected as people anymore. It’s so easy to spend and entire day, been “busy”, but never really connected to anybody. Maybe I’m rambling. I just miss the connectedness where you had company over for a cup of tea and a long chat.

      • I agree sooooo much!!! The art of humanity seems to be lost. I actually decided that I want to volunteer with the local 4-H so that I can get a little of that connection to others back. I want to be able to help and support beyond what I can do online or at the synagogue I’m attending.

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