My Journey To Health…Weekly Update 14 &15 (I’m On The Mend)

I know, I know.  I didn’t post last week.  I promise I have a valid reason.  A month ago I developed a cough that progressively got worse.  I’ve just been really sick and I can honestly say, I haven’t been this sick in a LONG time.  Two weeks ago I finally called the doctor.  Come to find out I had a wonderfully established case of bronchitis, pneumonia in my left lung and starting in my right, and sinusitis.  He put me on an antibiotic, breathing treatments, and a steroid (forget weighing in).  After a few days, I wasn’t really getting any better and the cough had gotten worse.  I ended up catching something else too and Thursday night I was hit with chills and a fever and did nothing but cough my head off for the next 3 days (mainly at night).  We’re thinking that Tevis might have brought something home and since I was already weak, I picked it up.  But, I’m finally on the mend (I believe).  I still have a cough, but it’s nothing like it was.  Can’t talk a whole lot cause it triggers it, but I’m hoping that gets better over the next few days.

Anyway, I haven’t even bothered with weighing or measuring and honestly the only workout I have been able to do is cough (which I am counting!)  You use a TON of muscles when you do that and if they are sore, then it’s been a good workout!  At least that’s what I’m claiming.

So I haven’t given up or quit.  Just had a little detour.  Just say a little prayer for me to really kick this.  I missed church for the last 2 weeks and I’m not singing this week either because I can’t even really talk without coughing much less sing.  Even though I have nothing really to report, I still want to leave you with a bit of encouragement,.


Sometimes we get so caught up in what we can see happening or not and we want things to happen fast.  Why do you think that we have all these fad diets and diet pills that can make you look like a bikini model in 2 days?!?  Every day.  Every single day we are getting better.  Every step is one step closer.  Just keep striving.  You’ll get there.  Even with the little detours on the path.  =)  Be Blessed!


My Journey To Health…Week 13 Update (He’s Our Daddy!)

Last week I was busy having a pity party for myself.  Figured out that the UGH feeling was coming from me incorporating sweet tea back into my diet.  I don’t drink it regularly and it’s always a half-cut, but when I am out running errands and…well you know how Walmart makes you thirsty.  Anyway, I’ve said it before.  I CAN’T HAVE SUGAR.  Even if I cut down on it.  That eliminates 99.99999% of all food on the market (not including fresh veg and fruits).  No wonder people are always sick.  Sugar is legal crack!  Keep them addicted, keep getting their money.  Stop poisoning our people!  *Jumps off soapbox*

Anyway, I was saying how I felt trapped by not being able to sway even the slightest amount from eating better.  I had a good friend who reminded me that I need to be reminding myself of “who my daddy was” when I feel trapped.  She sent me this video:

I remember back when I started this I had said that the majority of this journey was going to be mental.  I am at the mental part.  The beginning was adrenalin.  Now is where the rubber hits the road. Great things never come from comfort zones!  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.  To have permanent change, I must have REAL change.  Not just physically, but mentally.  Ephesians 4:23 says, Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.

I’m a thinker and I tend to mull things over and over and over and over and…well, you get the point.  I lose sleep over my brain. Mentally is exactly where satan is going to attack me.  It reminds me of when Professor Snape is training Harry Potter to be strong mentally so that Voldermort can’t get into his thoughts.  “Control your emotions.  Descipline your mind.”  I’m including that scene in case you want to watch.

I need a strong mind.  I need to keep going but not on my strength alone.  I have to say that I think I’ve been trying to do a lot of this on my own.  Everyday I need to get up and put on a conjoined twin jacket and take another step.  I can’t successfully go where God isn’t. So often it isn’t he that has moved but I.  My road is extremely winding and hilly.  I can see Him walking on the easier path and I, like an ADD child, just going “oh look a butterfly!” or “Oh look a squirrel” and running off.  And all the while he is still just walking straight, yet he slows his pace to be able to be exactly where he needs to be when I return onto the His path.  We are never really adults.  We are just bigger kids.  Still learning.  Still exploring.  Still thinking that we know it all.  When in reality, we are still just His children whom he is trying to protect and guide and to train up for the battle ahead.

So, I say all that to really say this.  Yes, I had a bad week.  Yes, I have had a few bad weeks.  I can’t let that be the end all.  In reality all it is is just an ADD moment on my path.  But it is in those moments that Satan can (and will) jump into your head and fill it with all kinds of junk and play with your emotions and torment you with you fears.  We have to block him.  We have to fill our minds with the truths of God and what He says we are.  We have to walk in the truth of WHO HE IS!  That He’s our daddy!  And so often we really don’t know who He is because we haven’t taken the time to REALLY know Him.  He needs to become our conjoined twin.  Why do we make that so hard?  Stop paying attention to the shiny object that’s being dangled in front of you as a distraction and start paying attention to the rock that you are.  Take the time to let God polish and shine and tenderly care for it and you will turn into a true gem.  =)  Be Blessed!

PS- I know I was just all over the map there, but I need to tell you my updates.  I did lose poundage but no inches.  So, it’s still a win.  So I am down 43 lbs since the end of July.  =)

New Starting Weight: 342

Est. Heaviest: 365

Current Weight: 322

Total inches lost: 34

My Journey To Health…Week 12 Update (Consistent? Me? Naw!)

I’m sure you have figured out by now that I stink at being consistent.  Not with everything, but definitely when it comes to writing.  I’ve been in a slump.  I should have never taken vacation.  It’s very easy for me to get bored and thrown off track.  I have had many temper tantrums this week.  Mainly “I don’t want to!” or “I quit!” or “This is too hard!”.  I haven’t been feeling up to par.  Just really sluggish and not able to get myself moving.  Even when I workout, my body never seems to loosen up.  It has actually been getting more stiff as I go through my workout.  I don’t understand it.  Anyway, it’s even affecting my drive to write.  Maybe because I don’t have anything great to write about and I don’t feel like I’m holding up my end of the bargain.


So, I didn’t weigh this week and I haven’t measured.  To be honest, I was afraid to.  I really am afraid of the setback.  Especially with knowing how I’m feeling.  You know, like when you can “FEEL” your fat and the excess weight?  That’s what it is.  I can fee how heavy I am.  UGH!  And I have only walked one day this week so far.  I’ve just been wanting to do stuff at home like yoga and Pilates.  It’s relaxing to me and walking long distance, lately, has been grueling for some reason.  What is going on with me?

Yesterday, instead of walking, I helped Tevis in the yard.  I chopped up a couple of stumps with an ax and then trimmed hedges.  Btw, the ax probably wasn’t a good idea for my back, but it was a great workout.  I love swinging an ax.  I love the feel of the weigh just flowing through the entire swing.  It’s like a wave that just washes over you from the onset of the swing to the follow through to the connecting of the swing.  Like watching a pendulum depend upon its own weight to sway and being able to feel it’s weighted freedom.  I just love that.  But, there is only so much that I can chop up in the yard.

Anyway, I have to get over this sluggish slump.  Why?  I have decided to give myself an insane (for me) challenge.  Connie and I (and whoever else wants to join us) are going to do a 5k run/walk in the spring.  I have no idea why I’m so driven to do that, but I want to be able to say I’ve done one.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever do something like that.  I know 5k isn’t that far, but it’s a start.  I’m pretty sure that at some point I will say “What have I gotten myself into!?!”  Then turn to Connie and ask “Why didn’t you stop me!?!”  I don’t like walking when there are people at the track.  This will be me having to walk in front a gagillion magillion tragillon people!  That’s ALOT OF PEOPLE (but 1 less than a zagillion.  That would really be too much!)  But, that’s my goal.  We’ll see how that turns out.  Then who knows what will happen next.

So, who has some tip or something to help me out here?  I’ve got to get over this sluggishness.  I want to feel good again instead of having to constantly force myself to get things done.  I would be most grateful.  Hope you week is going well.  =)  Be Blessed!