My Journey To Health…Week 11 Update (I’M BACK!)

I’m back!  We had a great week off.  We had friends from Wisconsin come and visit.  It was great seeing them.  We hadn’t seen them since we moved to TN almost 3 years ago.  It was a whirlwind visit.  We spent a day in Gatlinburg and it’s always great to go there because I have so many fond memories of vacationing and camping there.  The beauty is absolutely breathtaking.  Hunter played in the creeks (as did Tevis) and Destiny wandered around taking pictures.  It was nice to just spend time together with our friends.


The vacation continued with work.  Tevis works a regular fulltime job outside of his position at the church, so it doesn’t leave a lot of time for bigger projects…like destroying the yard.  I mean, isn’t that everyones idea of a great vacation?  When we bought the house, it had been in an estate for a few years.  It needs updating inside and out.  So, we took the time last week to pull out everything that we didn’t want in it.  Now, we have a clean(ish) slate to start planting and landscaping it the way we would like.  We would like to build a patio or deck on the front just off the front stoop, but first the bushes HAD to go.  It was nice to finally be able to get something done that was substantial.


Anyway, I didn’t get a lot of walking in last week.  I didn’t walk at all with the girls.  I got to walk last night for a little.  My back is WAY out of alignment and I have a couple fixated discs.  It hurts to stand for longer than 10 minutes or it feels like gravity is 4x what it normally is.  Needless to say, my body is rebelling against me and screaming since I made it lose so much weight so fast.  So, getting a realignment is a must if I plan on keeping my “vehicle” on the road.

Something awesome that happened is that even though I was on vacation (and behaved badly), I DIDN’T GAIN ANY WEIGHT!!!!!!  That is a HUGE score!  Normally I can look at water and put on ten pounds.  That’s really not a joke.  It’s actually a big fear of mine because that has always been the pattern.  I stray from what becomes normal (or have a cheat day), I would literally weigh in anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs heavier.  It didn’t happen this week.  I did gain a couple of inches but I don’t know if that is because I measured in a hurry and might not have measured in my normal spots.  It doesn’t matter.  I still lost weight!  I ended up losing another 6lbs.  WOOHOO!!!

New Starting Weight: 342

Est. Heaviest: 365

Current Weight: 330

Total inches lost: 34

This week my baby sister will be in.  She is going to go and see my doctor since she has been such a huge help for me.  Ruthie is cut from the same cloth as I, so we have similar issues.  I get the opportunity to walk with her this week and I can’t wait!  Have a great week yall!  =)  Be Blessed!


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