My Journey To Health….Week 9 Update

wpid-df415da7c8ec5997239fd48a4db200c1.jpgYesterday I had a friend call and asked if I would go walking with her.  She likes to walk on the Greenbelt.  It’s a beautiful path that we have here in TN that goes on forever.  I had never been before and was excited to have a new place to walk that is absolutely beautiful.  We met at the Exchange Place.  Never seen that either, but I WILL be going back.  It has a bunch of old piece-on-piece cabins.  We love those!  Anyway, I hadn’t really walked in a couple of weeks.  I haven’t been feeling up to par and have been hurting a lot in my joints.  My body is fighting itself and the junk that we have discovered is really built up.  Flushing toxins out of your body is hard, but will be oh so worth it once it’s done.

We met up and we started down this path.  It was gorgeous.  Every step was wonderful.  It was a nice pace and I felt great!  We were just chatting away and then I noticed that we had been going downhill for quite a bit.  And it kept going.  Then I remembered that downhill is great…until you have to come back up!  It finally bottomed out and started going uphill.  You mean I have to do this TWICE?!?  WHERE IN THE WORLD DID SHE BRING ME!?!  I was NOT prepared for this!  I didn’t even bring survival gear!  I didn’t notify anyone of my coordinates.  It felt like when I was hiking to Abrams Falls in the Smokies and I was crying to Tevis that rescue choppers wouldn’t even be able to find me and I would have to die there.

Then, I saw something coming at me in the distance.  It was approaching at a rapid pace.  Oh no!  We had crazy people on the trail.  I’m telling you they were CRAZY!  They scared me.  Momentarily, I feared for my life (“If I don’t make eye contact, maybe they’ll go away”).  What were they, you may ask?  Runners.  They were RUNNING!  RUNNING!  Why in the world would you run these inclines?!?  Have you lost your mind?  Do you enjoy pain?!?  Please, don’t ask me to do that.  Please, I can barely breathe and walk at the same time.  Just ignore the tortoise (btw, spoilers.  I win).

We turned around and were heading back.  The hill in the beginning was insane.  By the time we were halfway up it, my legs were jello and shaking.  We finished with 1.29 miles and I think I should get extra credit for those inclines, not just my steps!  I will tell you this.  I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!  Even though I seriously considered crawling the rest of the way, I LOVED IT!  We are going back in 2 weeks when she gets back in town.  I was later informed that section was the hardest part of the trail.  Of course it was.  I never make anything easy on myself.  Here’s a screenshot of my walk.  To some it may not be much, but it kicked my butt!


The impossible became possible.  There was no way I could have done that 2 months ago.  I have come a long way.  Even though when I look ahead I see nothing but a mountain still, when I look back, I see that where I was is so much further away.  And as of Monday, even though I didn’t lose anything this week, I still lost.  I lost 3.25 inches.  And I fit into a new shirt that was clinging to me when we bought it 2 weeks ago.


New Starting Weight: 342

Est. Heaviest: 365

Current Weight: 336

Total inches lost: 36

So, keep going.  Every step, no matter how small, is another step.  It will get you there eventually.  Just NEVER GIVE UP!

=) Be Blessed!


4 responses to “My Journey To Health….Week 9 Update

  1. Congratulations, that walk would have kicked my butt! Thanks so much for blogging this, I feel at times that you are speaking directly to me. Prayers needed please, I have my third session tomorrow with my personal trainer and I really could use them. You are looking Great, keep up the great work!!! Becky 🙂

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