My Journey To Health…Week 7 Update

I’ve been in a weird place this week.  I have felt funny.  My joints have hurt and I have had no motivation because I have physically felt off.  I have been craving shrimp like crazy, too!  Weird, I know (and no I’m not pregnant).  I talked to my doctor and she said that I have a mineral deficiency.  She’s going to put me on some magnesium and B12.  She also told me that I need to focus on a Paleo way of eating.  She had suggested it when I first went to see her when we were checking my thyroid and said that it works best for thyroid issues.  I had avoided it because I didn’t want to have to relearn something else…again.

I’m convinced that I need to, especially after the last couple of days.  I have been so dizzy that I just about passed out yesterday.  As we were walking last night (and I got dizzy again), it hit me.  I told Connie that I bet that my iron has dropped since I haven’t been really eating a lot of protein.  I normally can tell when my hemoglobin “bottom’s out”.  It’s been awhile since I’ve felt it like this though.  Going to have to take it easy and focus on getting it back up.

This week I’m going to shorten my distance in walking or just really watch how I feel to see how far I can go.  I’ll do more yoga or something of the like.  I really need to find something that will help me breakthrough with losing in my upper arms and upper legs.  Got any suggestions?  I’m also going to be researching new recipes that are paleo friendly.  If you are eating paleo and have any favorites, please let me know!  I like to try new things.

So, what about my losses for the week?  I lost 5 lbs. but I didn’t lose any inches.  It’s still great progress.

New Starting Weight: 342

Est. Heaviest: 365

Current Weight: 337

Total inches lost: 29.5


I have been blessed to have friends who are traveling beside me on this journey.  They encourage me and spur me on.  They pray for me and hold me accountable.  They laugh with me and cry with me.  It shouldn’t be that shocking though.  We are supposed to be there for each other.  We are supposed to build each other up and to help when our friends need help.  I couldn’t be doing this alone.  God has placed the people in my life that He knew I would need to keep me going.  I am so thankful for them.  They get to see my ugly and see how I fight when being pushed out of my comfort zone and out of hiding.  Even though I might complain or cringe, I love it.  I know that this is what I need and I have to walk through the uncomfortable to get to the end result.  My friends are loving me through my anger, frustration, fears and tears.  It’s exactly what I need to keep me going and I am so thankful to have them.

I hope and pray that you have people like this in your life.  They don’t necessarily have to be right down the road.  They can be states away and someone that you only get to chat with on the phone, but their encouragement keeps you going and you know that you can call and get that push you need to not give up.  Thank them.  Tell them how they impact your life.  We all need to know how we have managed to touch someone’s life.  Even unsuspectingly.  =)  Be Blessed!


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