My Journey To Healthy…Week 5 Update & Recipe

Things were finally back to normal this week, besides the rain ruining a few days of walking.  I do have to mention that I have managed to pull something in my foot.  Last night was tough but we got just under 2 miles in.

I started my yoga on Monday evening.  Was that ever interesting!  This whole folding your body in half stuff is for the birds.  I slightly have this issue called fat blocking that from happening, so I look like a very pregnant lady sitting on the floor trying to tie her shoes.  Then she says “now twist!”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  I barely got bent and now your asking me to contort into a wonky pretzel.  Don’t you worry!  I will become a pretzel one day!  Been a life long dream of mine.  (Am I being sarcastic???)  But seriously, I will get there.  Just going to take time.

This week, I get the privilege of starting 6 weeks of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.  In a nutshell, it’s therapy to unclog and help your lymph system drain right.  I will definitely be posting about this as I go through each weeks session.  I am very interested in Holistic health and  taking the natural approach with things.

So, how did my losses go for this past week?  A lot better than last!  YAY!!!  Lost another 5.25 inches!!!

Starting Weight: 351 Lbs.

Previous Weight: 342.8

Current: 337 Lbs.

Total Loss: 14 Lbs.

Total Inches lost: 30.75

I don’t really have a goal for this week mileage wise.  I want to give my foot some time to rest.  I’ll still be walking, just not as far.  I will probably be doing more yoga or something of the sort that’s low impact.

I do have a recipe for you.  One evening before I went walking, I had to quickly throw something in the oven.  I had remembered seeing this recipe float around on Facebook about chicken, green beans and potatoes all in one dish.  I happened to have everything, so going from memory, I tossed it all in and sprinkled the italian seasoning packet on it, tossed it in the oven and I left.  When I got home, I could smell it as I was walking up to the door.  I came in and Destiny and Tevis BOTH were raving about it!  They even requested to have it again!  I searched and found the actual recipe online.  So, I plugged it all in to see what the calories and such would be.  I didn’t add the butter and I changed the serving size to 4.  This is DEFINITELY A KEEPER!  It only had 155 calories per serving!  The butter added another 202 calories, but Tevis said that since he liked it without it, there’s no reason to put it in there.  SCORE!  It’s called Green Beans, Chicken Breast & Red Skin Potatoes.  Give it a try.  We loved it!

I’m hoping you all are having a great week!  It starting to rain again here, so I’m going to sit and listen to it hit on our metal porch roof.  It’s so peaceful.  =)  Be Blessed!


6 responses to “My Journey To Healthy…Week 5 Update & Recipe

  1. I agree with Carolyn’s comment, Melissa. Remember there are approximately 105 (or more) calories per tablespoon of butter. A stick then would contain 840 of fat calories just in the butter alone, not counting the chicken skin. There are valuable nutrients in butter but an entire stick is overkill. Herbs also give food great flavor. You were very wise to figure that out. So GO for that GOAL! Blessings for success,

  2. I love reading your posts! (I feel the same way about yoga.) I have been walking every morning as well and I am in need of more great Christian songs to keep me moving. Any suggestions?

    • I actually did do that the first time I made it. Didn’t put a lot, but just enough to keep it from sticking. When I made it last night, I didn’t use any. It still turned out good. 🙂

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