My Journey To Health…Week 4

I’ve made Wednesday to be the day that I do my weekly weigh-in and measure.  This week…wasn’t as good of a week, but that’s okay.  I knew I wouldn’t have the losses this week like I had the previous.  Elements of nature tend to get in the way.  It had rained enough to make it difficult to get our walking in.  I was able to get some in, but not near what my goal was.

I was a little disappointed in my numbers.  I didn’t lose hardly anything weight wise, but I felt like my clothes were a little bigger.  I thought surely I would make up for it in lost inches.  Nope.  Only a 1/2 inch loss and 1.2 Lbs.  That’s okay.  A loss is still a loss.

Starting Weight: 351 Lbs.

Current: 342.8 Lbs.

Total Loss: 8.2 Lbs.

Total Inches lost: 25.5

Like I said, I didn’t hit my goal of walking consistently 2.5 miles.  I’m realizing that that may be pushing it.  This week, I’ve only been able to get in 1.5 – 2 miles at a time.  I’ve already wore my shoes out and my ankles and knees start hurting pretty bad at about the 1 mile mark.  I’ll get there.  It’s just going to take time.  So, I’ve decided to have different goal areas.  I’ll have a walking distance goal, a stretching goal (I’m going to start Yoga again, God help me!), and a food goal (new recipe, water intake, etc).  I’ll let you know when I start Yoga.  That should be the funniest thing ever.  I’ve done it before and loved it, but starting out…it’s not something to have an audience for.  HA!

I want to tell you how I’ve been blessed this week.  My daughter’s boyfriend is a pretty awesome guy!  They’ve been together for a smidge over a year now and we just love him.  He knows about this adventure that I (we) are on.  We talk about food, natural remedy’s, and all kinds of stuff a lot because he’s an awesome cook and it’s something that we have in common.  Well, he knew that I had been having to drink loads of water and I was getting tired of the just plain or cucumber water.  He had been looking (and found) and made me a drink that has fiber, lowers cholesterol, is an antioxidant and fat burner, and is good for brain and memory boost.  It was the most amazing thing ever.  Especially after having water all the time and nothing sweetened.  It was Green Tea, Apples and Honey.  Oh, IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Anyways, he’s a good kid and I was much appriciative and he was/is a blessing to me.

My other blessing are these people (this was our version of a prom pose, I guess).


They came and walked with me last night.  I have a couple of gals that I have walked with too and I am thankful for them all.  Connie (the one in the pink) is who I started this journey with.  Stephanie (in the gray) has walked with us before and Nancy (in the white) was just freed from a boot for her broken foot, so it was her first time walking with us.  I don’t like walking alone, even though I didn’t really say much last night (unlike previous walks).  It’s just nice to know that you have people who will come up alongside you and cheer you on.

So, know that I am cheering you on.  Please, let me know how you are doing.  Whether that is letting me know how you’re struggeling or what your successes have been.  I want to know.  You are doing great.  Every step, no matter how small, is one step farther than you were.  That’s how I’m looking at this past week’s loss.  Even though it was nothing huge, it’s still a loss.  YOU CAN DO IT!  WE CAN DO IT!  =)  Be Blessed!


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