My Journey To Health…I HAVE LEGS!

I wanted to get a vlog post in last week, but didn’t get a chance to.  I have a new favorite place to walk.  It’s just challenging enough to make my legs use other muscles that they don’t get to use when walking on flat ground.  I didn’t get very many pictures, but I like it because it has different things to see.  Like, the lake.

wpid-20150810_182642.jpgThen there were the rain clouds that were coming to get us (that’s Hunter in front of me).


There are the aminals (yes, I purposely spelled it that way.)



Yesterday, we were able to get our walk in right before it rained.  If you are ever in east Tennessee, Warriors Park is beautiful.  Especially if you slow down enough to really see it.  They have kayaking, paddle boating, there are boat docks, golf, the walking path, a handicap accessible playground, disc golf…lots of stuff.  I WILL go kayaking someday.  I love doing that.  Guess that’s another goal.

So, I have a success and I must tell you!  My brain was a little frazzled because we were trying to get this in in the middle of our walk, before the rain and without all the people around…and Hunter was manning the camera.  Anyways, keep pushing yourself.  Keep striving to move forward, even if it’s small steps.  Those small steps will one day become huge leaps.  I believe in you!  =)  Be Blessed!


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