My Journey To Health…No Excuses

My internet is down is down today, so I’m having to attept this from my phone.  Can’t get a tech until tomorrow (of course), so we’ll see how this goes.

Somebody posted a video yesterday that I had watched several months back. It was good to see it again, especially after the day that I had. We went to the store and I had purchased a pair of smaller pants for walking and a couple smaller shirts because I’m starting to swim in mine. I decided against the clothes (so they are going back) but something triggered in me and I threw my hands up, had a hissy fit and was giving up.  It was for the stupidest reason, but at the time to me it was valid.  I get home and I watch this.

I have no excuses. None at all.  No reason to give up.  No reason not to push forward. No reason to throw a fit.  No reason to whine about how I feel and the state that I’m in.  If this man can overcome the things that he has overcome, then there’s no reason I can’t too.  We can do this.  We. Can. Do. This!  We have no excuses.  Anything is better than nothing.  Even the smallest effort is more than no effort at all.  We all have to start somewhere and the best place to start is where we are at.  Each step we take, each move we make, is one step or move further than we were yesterday.  We. Can. Do. This! What do you think?  🙂  be Blessed!


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