Catching Fire

Have you ever watched fire?  It is so captivating when you just sit and stare into the flames.  Have you ever had to burn off a field or ditch?  We used to have to burn our fields off when I was a kid.  I remember just watching it as it crept along, slowly chewing away at the innocent growth unsuspectingly.  It was slow, yet it wasn’t at the same time.  You could see, every so often, the flame lick at the live growth, teasing it until it finally caught fire.

I think there are many things in our life that happen that way.  We are the growth that the fire is just at the edge of, flicking us with it’s flame, waiting for us to finally catch fire.  That fire, I believe, is God.  He is wanting us to catch onto the fire that He has for us that will propel us forward to new growth and for His kingdom.  For us to stand boldly and to proclaim that He is the center of our lives and that nothing will stop us from completing the work that He has for us to do.

So, what’s stopping you?  What’s the blockage that is getting in the way of you being able to finally catch fire?  For me, I think it’s always been two-fold.  My weight and the comparison game.  It’s time to stop.  Stop letting things get in the way of what God wants to do with you.  Catch fire!  Believe me, there is a HUGE difference once you do.  You find an endurance and the ability to push yourself to accomplish things that you wouldn’t have dreamed.  Case and point…over the last 20 year, I would talk myself out of anything that would have required me to physically push myself.  On Saturday, I made myself walk, even though I hadn’t had a lot of sleep over the past 3 days because I had been in such pain.  I made myself do it.  If I want to succeed at this, I HAVE to push myself.  I could have used the excuse that I was tired, I could have listened to the voice that said I couldn’t go on, but what would I have gained?  Instead I chose to listen to the still small voice that said I CAN!  I was proud of myself for being consistent, even when I didn’t feel like it.  And I know that that small voice, is the one that I have been ignoring for so long.  God’s gentle prodding, telling me I could.  I just had to take the step of faith to actually listen to it.

I know God wants to use me.  He has a plan.  I just have to continue to let myself catch fire and then continue to burn for Him and His glory.  Will you catch fire, too?  =)  Be Blessed



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