Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work I’ve Gone

So, I went back to work in June.  My main reason was because I was battling insomnia and figured I might as well do something with my time through the night.  I applied at one place, a convenience store.  I got an email immediately and was amazed at what God was unfolding in front of me.  My intention was to only work maybe 20 hours a week to bring in a little extra pocket-money.  Yet, what God placed in front of me was a full-time job WITH benefits.  About 2 days after I started my job, Tevis was let go from his.  His company had cut all hours from all the seasonal employees.  God and His timing…and somehow we end up doubting again and again.

I was a nervous wreck about starting work again.  It would be the first time in about 14 years.  Granted I had worked in this field before but things had changed over that time.  So, into the workforce I went.  I can’t tell you how much pain I have been  in with my knees, but on I continue with the dream of getting our house purchased.  To qualify for a mortgage, we have to have a full-time job and with both of us  (Tevis found a new job about 2 weeks later) having one, it helps tremendously.  It is also going to create extra income to be able to send Destiny to study abroad in South Korea hopefully next year or the year after, if all goes well.

This has also strengthened my resolve about wives working outside the home.  For us to be able to complete all that it is we are to do scripturaly for our families, it is really hard to work outside the home.  I’m meaning a 40 hour a week job PLUS having to do all that is required of us at home.  I’m not just talking about chores either, but about the emotional aspect.  I strongly believe that this is one of the reason for such high divorce rates.  I know, I know.  I’m probably stepping on some toes.

I’m working the graveyard shift, so needless to say it is extra draining since I have to try to sleep during the day (which is nearly impossible).  I have neighbors who think they have to mow just about every other day.  I have also managed to put on about 25 pounds since I am so drained we end up eating out the majority of the time.  I swear my severe anemia has a HUGE part to play in this.  Needless to say, I’m very concerned about the neglect it is causing of my calling as a wife and mother not to mention my role as a pastor’s wife and being able serve the Body.  I require twice as much sleep as I would if I was sleeping at night.  It’s crazy.

The plus side though is that God has used this time at work to bring people into my life.  I can’t tell you the countless times that I have had people come in and just spill their hearts out about things and how God has been able to use me in those moments to just uplift and encourage them.  Most importantly to be able to pray with them.  I especially love it when they make the comment, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”  Well, I sure can.  It’s all God!  I joke that I feel like a bartender at times.  We get our crazies in the store but we also get the regulars who I have come to love.  They are the ones who I know, if they are in the store and one of the crazies come in and start something, they’ve got my back.  I feel safe when they are in.  Not to mention my cop friend who comes in to chat and check on me.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made though.  Right now, that sacrifice is my time with my family.  It’s only for a season.  A very short one I hope.  But, I love getting to be able to tell my kids about what God did the night before.  I hope that they understand.  Hunter still has a few issues with me working.  It’s a change in the norm for him.  Granted I’ve been doing it since June but he likes his consistency and occasionally my schedule changes and it throws him for a loop.  I know that Tevis doesn’t like me working.  He has his reasons and no they aren’t chauvinistic ones.  It shows me how much he loves me.

This is just a stepping stone.  God will use this in some way.  Might not be for me.  It’s more than likely for someone else’s benefit that I will never know about.  If that is the case, so be it.  Our work isn’t always about what we do inside the church walls but what we do outside of them.  Most of the time, that is where lives are touched the most.  So, whose life are you touching?  =)  Be Blessed!



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