Household Notebook (Part 4)

(Continuation of the series on creating a household notebook.  Read Household Notebook (Part 2) here.)

To finish up our notebooks we will be covering the final 3 sections.  The sections I used in our notebook (Financial is a separate binder for us) are:




To Do

Menu Planning




     We have a Ministry section since Tevis is a pastor and it is a huge part of our life.  For you, this could be anything from your job to whatever takes up a lot of your time and needs to be organized.  In this section I have a folder to put things that I need to file, inserts from events coming up, bulletins, any notes, basically anything that I must have to stay on track.  It just gives me a place to organize those items so I know where they are instead of just dropping them on a counter, dresser top, fridge…you get the point.  =)

     For my Blogging section I have blank printables that I can organize topics, ideas or other sites that I need to make contact with.  A “Blog Schedule” I reckon.  If you are a blogger or are just getting started, here are a couple of sites that have printables for blogging:

Living Locurto – simple, easy to use calendar

Bringing Up Bauer – She has links 3 from another blogger.  I really like them.

Wild Olive – A blog contact printable.  Very handy.

     The last section is Contacts.  This is pretty straight forward.  It’s an address book in you binder.  Easy access for when you tackle the calls on your To-Do list.  You can go all out here and put in birthdays or whatever.  That could actually be its own section if you are one to keep up them.  Here are a couple sites for contacts pages to print:

Organized Home – TONS of great printables on all sorts of things

Believing Boldly – Simple contact page.

     I will more than likely update this in the future with more pictures and such, once I get ours finished and get some use of it under my belt.  I may tweak it a bit as we go along.  All I know is that having one is wonderful and I’m glad to have settled enough to be able to implement it again.  It’s helps you feel grounded as far everything that we have to manage in our households.  Hope you  are having a great week!  =)  Be Blessed!


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