Household Notebook (Part 1)

I cannot tell you enough, how much I LOVE having a Household Notebook.  I am actually redoing mine…completely.  I decided to put our budget and financial section in it’s own binder.  Since we just moved, I am using pages that I have found across the internet to fill my notebooks.  I am in the process of creating my own pages so they fit our needs better.

So, over the next several days I’m going to do a breakdown of building your own household notebooks.  Today, I’ll cover the  tools that are nice to have included in your binder and the first 2 pages.  You can pick and choose what works for you and your family.  The sections I use for this notebook are:




To Do

Menu Planning




So, what is it that you need in your notebook?  Here’s a list of “The Gear”:

Gear for Notebook

1″ Binder with clear cover

Pencil Pounch (with holes for binder)




White Out – (I’m currently out)


Sticky Notes 0r sticky tabs

Hole puncher 

Plastic Dividers (I used Avery Style Edge Insertable, that way the labels wouldn’t fall out)

Folders or Receipt Envelope


First things first.  You will your goals to be the first tab in your binder.  Do you have any?  Have you written them down or are they floating around in your head.  Put some solidity to them by writing them out.  What is your families Mission Statement?  You always want to have a direction.  Setting goals at the beginning of the year is a great way to set the course for that year.  What goals do you have for yourself, your marriage, your kids, your job, financial?  Whatever they are, write them down and put them in your binder.  Reference them often.  We plan to do this this evening.  Finally getting back on track.  I’ve always had mine but this time I will be including a page for everyone in our family.


The next tab in your binder should be your Calendar.  You will want  monthly ones and one that has the entire year on it.  You can find these all over the web for free.  All depends on you style.  I have used:

Creative Mamma – Very colorful

Who Needs A Calendar – Basic, but has room to write

The Printable Calendar – Also basic, but has room to write

Mein Lila Park – GREAT list of all kinds

Ellinee – These are the ones I used for this year

I also, at the beginning of the week, fill out a weekly shot of what is going on and put it at the front of my calendar.  I’m using this printout from Mommy Tracked.  If you want, you can print one off and put it in a plastic sleeve and use a dry erase marker and fill it out every week instead of always printing them out.

I will the next 2 pages on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!  =)  Be Blessed!


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