Creatin’ That Order!

The rhythm of our days has got to change.  In my head I have this wonderful picture of how it should be.  Then I wake up and reality hits me in the face.  We have one heck of a wacko schedule.  Actually, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t really have a rhythm at all.  I know, we just moved and all, but I want structure and order…somewhat.  I feel all out of sorts without it.

I sat down with the kids last night and talked with them about working on a new routine.  Some form of ebb and flow.  You would think that I had told them that they were going to be beaten and have their favorite pets taken.  The cries and howls of agony.  It was really unnecessary.  I was going to mess with THEIR routine.  THEIR rhythm.  The one that THEY had created for themselves.  Well, their’s isn’t working and it’s time for us as a family to get it together.  Yes, we are temporarily camping in a rental house until we purchase a new home but that is no reason to just sit about with no order!

I think a huge help will be when Tevis starts his other job.  The same thing happened when he was laid off in 2009.  All of a sudden dad was home all the time.  This must be the weekend…!  With him back to work we will have a structure of knowing that dad will be gone these certain days, at these certain times and we will have a structure of fitting that in with our other activities.  To be honest, all I really want is a pretty, multicolored schedule time sheet that makes me FEEL like I’m accomplishing something.  So, I have come to only one conclusion:


Yes, indeedy it is!  So, that is what I will be working on today.  I’ve used one in the past and LOVED it!  I need to update it and print new pretty papers.  Things have changed as far as our commitments and chores and such.  Tomorrow I will show you how it turned out and give you links to printables & others who have done the same thing.  Who knows, maybe it’s something that you may want to use!  =)  Be Blessed!


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