Yep, Our Plumbing…

So, I have managed to already mess up on my whole “I’m going to post everyday even if it’s a blurp” comment.  BUT, I feel I have a valid reason.  Saturday evening, our plumbing went to crap (no pun intended).  We had a major clog in our main drainage line, come to find out.  Our landlord had a plumber come on Sunday afternoon and he got it unclogged…for the meantime.  It was like when you go to the doctor and you have been sick right until you get there.  Then, amazingly, all your symptoms are gone…until you leave the doctor.  That’s how it was at our house.  As soon as the plumber left, the toilets started flooding the house again.  Luckily, Joe (the plumber), said he would be back at about 8:30 yesterday morning.

I was out of towels to wipe up the flood with and I couldn’t wash any.  Thankfully, Joe showed up just as he said.  He even brought friends!  Apparently our house is a plumbers nightmare.  It used to be a duplex and they converted it in to a single house and made several (okay a lot) of shortcuts along the way.  They ended up taking both toilets out and tried to snake it and it didn’t work, so they had to resort to digging.  That was a riot, let me tell you.  I looked out and here were these grown men crawling around my yard with their ear to the ground, listening for where the other guy was running the snake.  They were trying to find which way the drainage lines ran.  I really should have gotten a picture.  They found the lines and ended up having to replace a section of it.  Long story short, they finally got it unclogged after 6 hours of working.  It was at that moment I was thankful that we are renting.  A weekend call & 6 hours of labor the following day, I don’t EVEN want to know what that bill is going to cost.

Anyway, there you have it.  My excuse for not posting and this is my blurp for today since I am behind on laundry now and I have had to wash every towel we own.  I am very thankful for plumbing though.  I’m thankful that I didn’t have to do the dishes in the bathtub like we had to do before.  Once again, God has a way of reminding us of what luxuries we have that we take for granted.  Even simple ones, like flushing toilets.  =)  Be Blessed!


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