Have You Found Favor

We were able to go up home for Christmas and spend it with my side of the family.  It’s wonderful to be so close again and we can just shoot up there real quick and shoot back home.  We have a tradition where we always read the Christmas story from the Bible.  I have heard it every year as far back as I can remember.  Something this year, though, jumped out at me when I was listening to it.

Here, an angel, Gabriel to be exact, came and spoke to Mary.  It “troubled her” the NIV says more specifically.  It would be troubling to me too if I had an angel appear before me and tell me that I was going to be pregnant without ever having laid with a man.  The ridicule that would come from being an unwed, pregnant young girl…HOW do you explain THAT!  We are numb to in nowadays, but in biblical times it was shameful.  Yet, in Luke 1:30 the angel goes on to say, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.”  She found favor!  The definition of favor that is being used here is: the state of being approved or held in regard.  God held Mary in high regard.  Why?  We are talking about girl, all the age of 13.  Why had she found favor?

Mary had obeyed God’s Law.  She was obedient.  A great word to use would be submission.  She was submissive to what God asked of her as a follower of Him.  She was also like David.  She was a woman after God’s own heart.    She knew God very well.  She had a trust, faith, and relationship with Him that too many of us don’t even understand today.  Luke 1:38 says so much about her.  She answers the angel by saying, “I am the Lord’s servant.  May it be to me as you have said.”  She knew her purpose.  To be and do what God asked of her to do.  Wow!  To be able to stand in that sure confidence and know, that no matter what, God’s got you covered.  She knew what she would face.  The ridicule of the community.  She still had to face Joseph, the man she was pledged to marry, and explain to him that she was pregnant but it wasn’t by another man.  How ludicrous would that sound to you if your spouse or child came to you and explained that they were pregnant by immaculate conception?  And yet, here this child stood and said “Yes Lord”.

How often do you say “Yes Lord” when he gives you a task to do?  Are you only willing to do the things that are safe or are you willing to stand firm, regardless of the possible ridicule you may face, and serve Him?  The bigger question would be, do you really know the Lord that well to be able to stand confidently in saying yes?  I want to be like Mary.  I want to be able to, if the time comes and He gives me a task to carry out, that Gabriel would be able to say to me “You have found favor with God”.  Ultimately, I want to be able to hear from God, “Well done good and faithful servant!”  How about you?  =)  Be Blessed!


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