Beginning of A New Journey (Part 4)

(This is a continuation of The Beginning of A New Journey (Part 3))

We put our house on the market the day before we left.  While we were down there, we started to look for housing just in case this was where God was sending us.  We didn’t find anything while we were there and the search had begun (long distance) for finding a place to live.  If you don’t live in the area you are looking, the only thing you will be able to find is apartments.  It is really hard to find a house to rent if your are not local.

Our house had been on the market for just under 3 weeks when we got an offer on it for just a smidgen under what we were asking.  That was a HUGE confirmation for us.  In a market that was stagnant, our house sales.  We were set to close on Nov. 9th and we still had found no place to live.  It was getting down to the wire.  There were a couple of houses that we had squared away, talking with them about how to secure it and then we get an email from them saying that they rented it to someone else.  It was getting ridiculous.  We finally got a place (thanks to the help of our pastor, staff & church folks) TWO DAYS BEFORE CLOSING!!!!  Talk about cutting it close.

We closed with zippo problems and we left for TN that day.  It was a long journey.  Tevis drove the moving truck and I drove the car with Hunter, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and the goldfish.  Yes, we took the goldfish (hey we moved to WI with a chicken!).  I swore that if all the animals farted at the same time, that it would kill us.  We vowed NOT to feed Diesel (our big dog) cheeseburgers this time.  It took us 3 days to drive down.  Mind you that on the second leg of our journey, Tevis was ran off the road by a crazy Uhaul driver and just about laid the truck over.  That terrified the kids and neither one of them wanted to ride in the truck, but I only had room for one since I had all the animals.  So, it was bribery to get Destiny to ride with Tevis.  Yet, we made it!  I cannot tell you enough of how glad I was to be home.

So, we have been here for almost 2 months now and loving every minute of it.  Tevis is still looking for work.  Apparently, businesses don’t like it when you are not able to work every single day, all day long.  He has to have Sundays & certain evenings off since he’s a pastor.  We continue to pray for something to come along.  God has it worked out.  He always does.  I just wish (once again) that He would fill us in on the details.  Hunter has had no trouble transitioning.  I am so thankful for that.  He loves being here but misses the snow.  Can’t argue with him there.  So do I.  Destiny is doing her thing.  So, excited to get involved with another homeschool co-op once we get enrolled.

I’m home though.  Even though I was born and raised in Indiana, Tennessee is home.  It’s always felt that way anytime we’ve entered the state.  I’m where I can ask for sweet tea and not get strange looks by the waitress or told “we have root beer”.  FYI: root beer is nothing like sweet tea.  Here I get strange looks when I ask if they DO have sweet tea (well duh, it’s the south).  Sarcasm is an understood language and y’all isn’t considered ignorant.  But, I have to say I am very thankful for the experiences that God gave us when we lived up north.  We met some wonderful people and made some great friends.  I wouldn’t change that for the world.  I got to experience a TRUE blizzard (loved it!) and got to see people really fishing out on a frozen lake.  Though the culture, weather, and communities are totally different, I have a better understanding of differences in people.  Where you come from and where you live have a huge impact on your beliefs and functions as a person and as a people.  None of it is wrong, per se, it just opens the door for a opportunity to learn more about each other if we would just take the time.  We have our own mission field right here at home and that right where I plan to start.  =)  Be Blessed.


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