The Beginning of A New Journey (Part 3)

(This is a continuation of my series The Beginning of A New Journey (Part 2))

The day after we were invited down to visit, Tevis and I were sitting in the car talking.  He was telling me about how people were asking him how I was doing and such.  I had known for a long time that we were going to be moving on.  Tevis took a little longer to get to where I was and I was glad that he finally joined me.  I remember telling him, while we were sitting there talking, that I was now “waiting for him to get to where I am now”.  He asked, “and where is that?”  I said,” I’m just telling ya we are moving to TN.”  I knew it from the minute I came across the job listing.  Of course, Tevis being the reasonable one in our marriage, said that we would just have to wait and see.  I, on the other hand, was certain of what I felt in my gut.

We went down for our visit at Life Point in September.  Excitement filled the air, as did the fear of the unknown.  Had we completely lost our minds?  We just resigned with nothing lined out and now we are going to go and visit a young church plant in the foothills of Tennessee!  I love doing the unexplainable.  We left for TN right after service on Tevis’s last day.  We stopped off at the folks for a couple of days before heading on down the rest of the way.  Destiny came with us and we left Hunter at the folks to help with the possible transition.  The minute we drove into the state, we knew we were home.  Tennessee had always felt like home when we would go down to vacation and it had always been our dream place to live.  We were resigned to the fact that it would more than likely be our retirement place, since the homeschooling laws didn’t work in our favor.  Come to find out though, the laws had changed a year or two prior and it would make it possible for us to live there and still homeschool.  All in God’s timing.

We arrived and I have to say, for me, it was like I had known these people all my life.  Maybe it was because we think the same way or whatever.  All I know, is that we were home.  Destiny went to Youth that night and came away with the same feeling.  We knew our answer.  Now, to wait and see.  Did they feel the same?

Several days later we got an email from the pastor and they were offering us the position.  Remember when I said it was a church plant?  Along with that came a church plant salary.  Needless to say, Tevis would be needing to find full-time work outside of the church.  God had never failed us.  Why would he start now?  Is this truly where you are sending us?  Okay Lord.  You said to GO!  And we said yes.  =)  Be Blessed!

(I’ll pick up from here tomorrow!)


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