The Beginning of A New Journey (Part 2)

(This is a continuation of my post yesterday, The Beginning of A New Journey)

When he had notified them of his resignation, they gave us until Tuesday to make it official, just in case we changed our minds after praying about it some more.  Like I said, we had come across a church that evening and on Friday we spent the day mulling and praying it over.  After submitting our resume that Friday night, we waited.  We included a link to Tevis’s YouTube page and checked is everyday to see if it had been viewed by anyone in TN and how they got there (either by search, email link, etc.)  We figured it wouldn’t be viewed until at least Sunday since they were more than likely taking Saturday off.  Monday rolled around and it still hadn’t been viewed.  Tuesday came and still nothing.  Late Tuesday night, we made it official that he was going to resign.  “Okay God, You know what Your doing!  This is crazy, but we are trusting that You have it all worked out!” is all that kept running through our heads.

Wednesday morning rolled around.  I got up and checked the YouTube page as usual.  Nothing.  Broken hearted and starting to get discouraged, I was (loving the Yoda thing right now).  I go about breakfast and go and check Tevis’s email at 10:30 and we had gotten an email from Life Point.  Awesome!  I holler for Tevis to come downstairs, that TN had emailed him back.  We read it over and later that afternoon we emailed them back with our answers to the questions that they had.

We didn’t know how long it was going to be until we heard from them again, if at all.  The next day, Tevis was going to be gone to the Leadership Summit with the rest of the staff from church.  At their afternoon 3:45 break, they gathered all the staff together.  They had Tevis announce his resignation to them.  Tevis calls me at 4:05 (yes I really do remember the dates and times of this stuff), and tells me to get a hold of a couple of people for him from the worship team and to tell me that everyone on staff now knows and it’s official.  After I made the calls, I checked his email again.  There in his inbox was an email from Life Point.  They had sent it at 4:35.  They were asking us to come down to visit.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!  24 hours after the first email from them and 30 minutes after he let staff know, Life Point was asking us to come to visit.  In ministry, the hiring process rarely, if ever, moves that fast.  The timing of all this was blowing my mind.  Every time we took a step, God showed up. Doors just kept opening.  So, we just kept walking.

I’ll pick up again from here tomorrow.  =)  Be Blessed!


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