The Brain Eating Fly

Sunday night we were watching a movie and Hunter was laying on the couch.  All of a sudden he started hearing this buzzing noise.  So, he poked his ear and heard a quick buzz again…and again.  So, he sits up and half screams “I’ve got a fly in my ear!!!”  I toldl him to come over to me and we get the flashlight and take a look inside his ear to see.  Sure enough he has a fly that crawled into his ear.  I get my tweezers and then fly started to come out but turned around and went right back inside.  Off to the ER we go at midnight to fetch a fly out of his ear.  Mind you, this whole time he keeps asking me if it is going to be flying around inside his head or if it will eat his brain.  So, we get to the ER and the nurse has him lay on his side since they like the dark (ie why it went in his ear in the first place).  Then we start seeing this fly flying around the room.  I joked to Hunter and said it was his fly’s cousin looking for him.  So the nurse and doctor filled his ear with gobbly goop and sucked out…NOTHING!  The fly that was in the room was OUR fly.  Now the brain eating fly is loose in the hospital.  So, concluded the end of and interesting evening.

I have been mulling this over and over since it happened.  How often do we have things that fly into our ears and we can’t get it out?  Things that we listen to whether it’s music, movies, criticism, or bad leadership/advice.  It gets in and then it gets stuck.  We need to guard our ears.  Protect them from what harmful things may enter them.  Once those things are in, it is hard to get them out.  Then we have to break out the “gobbly goop” and walk through it to purge those harmful things from our ears and our minds.  God wants us to fill ourselves with things of good.  Things that will lighten our load not create worry and heartache.  So, protect your ears from the “flies” of the world that want to enter in.  It’s a lot less work in the long run. =)  Be Blessed!


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