Are You Willing To Jump?

I am lacking inspiration.  We are trying to get our house packed and ready to put on the market and so my brain is mush.  Tevis resigned a little over a week ago.  We had felt the tugging of our hearts to someplace else for a few months.  God had told us that we would be moving.  We didn’t know when or where but that he had a new assignment for us.  As of today, we still don’t know the where.  The when will be soon.  He just wanted us to be obedient and leap without knowing the destination beforehand.

It’s a scary thing to jump out of a nice safe boat into the waters of the complete unknown.  Yet, it is strangely calming to know that you did and that God’s hand was there to catch you.  There has been a peace with the unknown in the house.  It has washed over Tevis and I.  Destiny is good too.  Hunter is another story.  There has been some days where he has had a hard time regulating himself.  He’s excited yet fearful.  His anxiety is rising with not knowing where we are going and not knowing what it looks like.  That and everything is getting put in boxes.  He has been overly concerned about one thing.  His Lava Lamp.  Why he has honed in on that one thing, I will never know.  So, this will be a transition of popsicles, blankets and a lot of brushing for him to help keep his neurological system in check.

God has given us a new exciting journey to go on though.  I love the things that seem crazy and ludicrous.  The ones that makes no logical sense at all.  Mainly because I know that those are the moments where God is going to shine.  We want to do it all in God’s will though.  Exodus 33:15 says, Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.”  That is what we have been praying.  It is what we will continue to pray.  We will continue to pray for the place He is planning to send us to.  God is in control.  Always has been and He always will be.  We just have to be willing to jump out of the boat when he calls us to.  To be audacious and have an audacious faith (as so Steven Furtick would say).  Why do we have to have all the answers before we completely trust God?  He has a better plan for us that we have for ourselves.  We just have to be ready and listening.  So, are you willing to jump?  =)  Be Blessed!


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