How Sharp Are You?

Proverbs 27:17 says, As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  How sharp are you?  Do you have someone in your life that holds you accountable?  I have found that we have become a nation who is afraid of offending people.  Do you realize that some offense is needed in accountability?  We used to raise our children together as a community.  Kids were afraid of getting caught, doing something they shouldn’t be doing, by the little lady down the road because they knew that she would let their parents know.  Now days we have kids who could care less if you see them.  They know that you more than likely won’t tell their parents and/or if you do, their parents won’t care and tell you to mind your own business.  Where’s the accountability?  We have quit letting natural consequences happen with our children.  We don’t teach them to be accountable.  And we have stopped holding each other accountable.  How do we expect to grow if we aren’t challenged, in a good way?  The study bible describes, “Sharpens another” as – Develops and molds the other’s character.  Do you have anyone if your life that will HONESTLY tell you how your character is developing?  So much today we are not developing the character of our children and ourselves.  At one time, having integrity was a great thing.  Today, we hardly know what that is anymore.  We need to be willing to be sharpened by our friends and family.  We are to hold each other accountable in the church also.  We are to accept and love them the way that they are but we can’t let them stay in the condition they were when they came into the faith.  It is for our own good.  In trying to find a way to explain this better I came across a site about accountability that was very helpful.  It is has a couple links to pages that has questions that you can ask yourself.

Often when we are trying to work on ourselves we leave God out of the equation.  He’s the Author of life.  He’s the one who designed you and made you in His image.  Wouldn’t we want His input on what we are to be developing into?  If we are trying to be anything else than what He has designed us to be, we will always have an internal struggle about our self-image.  And having someone who is grounded in their faith and that we trust, who can tell us “Hey, I don’t think you are making the right choices here”, is vital to our growth.  And the more that we are held accountable, the sharper we get.  So I ask you, how sharp are you?


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