Conveniently Inconvenienced

Note: This is a previous post that I am transferring over here to my new blog.  =)

I have come to realize though that modern conveniences are a pain in the tookus because they are just that…conveniences.  And conveniences are only convenient until they require effort.  I am thankful for them though.  Our water heater bit the dust.  We replaced the thermostat (mainly because it TOTALLY melted) and the bottom element.  OH YEAH (we thought), we have hot water again!  So, I got up this morning and……nope.  No hot water.  The ol’ girl doesn’t have anything left in her.  So, we have to install a new one (which I’m hoping they will come to do by this weekend).  This is on top of a bunch of other things that seem to have wanted to stop working all at the same time.  Tevis informed me today that this gives us a chance to experience the old days, sorta, since we have to get the water from the tub (kitchen faucet stem is full of sediment) and boil it on the stove and then put it in the tub for a bath or the sink to wash dishes.  Not that they went to the tub to fetch water…but you get the point.  Mind you that I TOTALLY understand the whole roughin’ it mentality.  We lived without hot water for 6 months before.  I am thankful for what we have though.  What a blessing it is to just have shelter from the rain and wind.  We get to where we believe that we HAVE to have all these modern things.  Why?  Sure, us having to boil water requires more effort than just turning on the faucet, but we still have running water.  We still have a way to heat it.  It just takes a little more time.

God is so amazing in how he provides and cares for us.  He is amazing in how he allows inconveniences to happen in our life that teach us about perseverance and trust and some good ol’ fashioned hard work.  These are the times that we find what we are made of.  How strong our faith is.  How strong our trust in Him is.  What our foundation really consists of.  Too often we try to handle everything on our own.  By doing that, we run out of steam.  We get burned out.  We become distressed and we start to become depressed.  We are relying too much on our own strength.  Why is it so hard for us to just lean back into God’s big arms and let Him carry us through the muck?  We are such a rushed society.  I don’t think we really know how to just stop and let God do what God wants to do.  God is at work all around us, but we have to be able to slow ourselves down enough to see the work He is doing.  The whole water heater thing is a lesson for me.  I have to take the time to fill the stockpot.  I have to take the time to heat it on the stove.  And I’m having to take baths right now instead of a shower.  I’ve had to slow down.  And during the waiting in all that I find myself talking to Him.  What else do I have to do?  Perfect time as any so I’m taking advantage of it.  Maybe you can find those moments of “inconvenience” as a convenient time to talk with God.  =)


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