Choices & Change

As we walk through this life, we are given many opportunities to make the right choices.  Sometimes those choices can be blurry though.  It takes time to figure out what the right choice is.  What do you do when your gut says something isn’t right, yet you are, in a sense, being pushed into a corner to conform?  So often we are the odd man out.  Normally doing the right thing or making the right choice does make you stand out more.  It goes against the norm.
God never said this life would be easy.  Sometimes offenses happen.  We have become a nation of being overly PC.  A lot of times, I find, that there is a reason that someone (including myself) has been offended.  Normally it’s because there is something that needs to change within yourself.  We start making the wrong choices in our lives and our conscience works on us.  When we try to ignore it, and people try to hold us accountable, offense sets in.
We are getting to where we are compromising the Truth for fear of offending someone.  With not being completely truthful, we are actually doing a disservice to people.  We are saying that it’s okay if you still ________ (get drunk, do drugs, have affairs, etc.) as long as you “believe”.  True repentance results in a change in behavior.  Change will not happen if we are not completely honest with God’s expectations and commands.  They are for our own good.  Too often we believe otherwise.  Yes, this change is a continual part of the journey.  But we have to submit to God’s authority.  Change comes through one choice at a time.  Every new temptation or challenge is an opportunity for you to make a right choice.  So, what right choice are you going to make today?  =)  Be Blessed!


2 responses to “Choices & Change

  1. Changing is one of the hardest things to do, but dying on the cross is even harder. If Jesus is willing to go to that extreme to show his love for us, doesn’t He deserve us to do the same? Will we stumble? Of course. You are so right though… we have to stop misleading people into thinking that change is an option. We can’t will the change to happen, it has to happen naturally as a result of the Holy Spirit moving into us. If it’s not happening, perhaps we need to examine ourselves more closely. Just a thought.

    • Jason,
      You are spot on. Any more it seems that all we want to do is to accept all the benefits of believing in Him but not put the work into ourselves like he asks us to do. We want the best of both worlds. Sad thing is is that we think our way of doing things is the best not realizing that we are missing out on much much more. I think that a lot of it boils down to we don’t want to really examine ourselves because we don’t really want to see what condition we are in. We want to believe that we are in much better shape than we really are. The human self is so much more dirty than the spiritual self. We can’t be afraid to hold people accountable. If we truly love people the way God asks us to, then we won’t want to leave them in the mess they are in.

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