Understanding Purpose

Do you know what your purpose is?  Better yet, do you know what your purpose is in the home, in the Church and in the world?  I’m doing a study right now called Understanding Purpose by Carolyn Custis James.  It will go through each of those things.  So far, I have done the chapter on Finding My Purpose In A Broken World.  It’s been good.  I found that so often we get marred down in our tragedies.  We fail to see the big picture.  It’s not about what has happened TO us but what happens after, as a result of what has happened.  How do we let it affect us?  “I can never lose my purpose as a woman.  God’s purposes for me are indestructible, even in a broken, changing world.”  I really liked reading that.
“The Bible tells us that our plans and purposes may fail, but God’s purposes never will.  Not the ups and downs of life, the wickedness of others, our failures and mistakes, the tragic reversals of life, nor the strongest powers in heaven or on earth, can destroy God’s purpose or force Him to adjust His plans.”

My plans that I had for myself while being here in WI are nothing (I’ve come to find out) in line with what God had planned.  I have managed to waste 2 years of doing what He wanted me to do, by fighting with Him tooth and nail over me not getting my way.  My purpose right now is my family.  I have also learned that my experiences here are for a greater purpose.  That, of which, involves me getting a better understanding of the desperate need for Special Needs Ministry.  I’m in no place yet to be able to facilitate that, but I am studying and learning all I can in the process.  God knew that I would rebel against his requests of me, but that I would eventually come around.  When I finally decide to totally let go and quit my bellyaching about being the “victim”, the more work He can do in and through me.
So, I guess it’s time to get real with God.  Let loose of the baggage (that’s going to be a job, let me tell you) and really let Him use me to my full potential.  I have to say though, that this will be really hard to do.  But the challenge must go on.  So, do you know what your purpose is?  Where do you feel that you struggle with fulfilling it?  What steps can you take to start to succeed?  =)  Be blessed!

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