I had a root canal awhile back.  Great sentence to start with, I know.  I was thinking this morning about the whole idea of a root canal.  The whole intent is to go in and take care of  infection.  There is, of course, a parallel.
So often we have an infection of some sort in our character.  We struggle with something in some way.  And so often we only use bandages to cover it up but we never get to the ROOT of the problem.  Over time it grows more and more infectious.  Like a cancer.  “Just ignore the elephant in the corner” we tell ourselves.  Why are we so afraid to really dig in and deal with our character issues?  There are 8 character qualities that stand out the most that people struggle with.  They are humility, confidence, courage, self-control, patience, contentment, generosity, and perseverance.  Those are the areas that God is wanting to bring to the surface and correct.  It is so much easier to focus on other peoples issues and problems and not our own.  But by doing so, we negate correcting anything.  A friend of ours said that he heard a saying once that went something like this, “So often we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.”  If we would see other by their intentions as we see ourselves, we may see things differently.  We normally, though, have infections in our heart that make it hard to look past the actions.  By not letting God reveal to us the areas he is wanting us to work on, we never grow ourselves in our walk.  Not only do we not get to the root of the problem, we show how shallowly we are rooted in our walk.  Matthew 13:21 says, But since he has not root, he lasts only a short time.  When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, he quickly falls away.  We are to be rooted in the Word.  By digging into God’s word and what He has to say, it gives him the opportunity to reveal the root problems that cause our outbursts, anger, hatred, bitterness, envy, hostility, impatience.  The list goes on and on.  We need to have a strong foundation to stand upon when those times come that test and try us and can trigger those character issues that God is wanting us to deal with.
I got a book a few years ago.  I never did get through it all since I lost the book.  I found it again when we moved.  I loved it.  At least the part that I was able to get through.  I wish I would have made it through it all.  I will start it again.  It was called Character Makeover by Katie Brazelton & Shelley Leith.  I highly suggest it.  It is a 40 day journey of honesty with yourself.  If you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with anybody else?  Be real and get to the root of the problem.  It will be totally worth it in the end.  And make sure that God is the one guiding you through the process.  =)  Be Blessed!


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